Awareness & Action

A call to action:

The FASD Center for Excellence has been defunded by the Senate Appropriations committee and scheduled to close April 16, 2016. SAMSHA has not asked for it to be included in the 2017 budget.

The FASD Center for Excellence is the ONLY federally funded organization that includes in its mission to “improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by these disorders.”

All other agencies focus on prevention and research.

In light of the CDC’s recently released statistics about the prevalence of FASD being as high as 2-5% of all births in the U.S.., it is UNACCEPTABLE that the federal government cut funding to this organization, and UNACCEPTABLE that SAMSHA not fight for it to remain open.

What you can do:

Look up SAMSHA’s National Advisory Committee:  and email or call them with your concerns.  SAMPLE LETTERS are here  (FAFASD) and here (New Mexico FASD Resource and Advocacy Center.)

SAMSHA’s National Advisory Committees will meet starting Feb, 24. Information about the meetings and how to call in can be found here:

NOFAS has also issued a call for action. To see what they suggest, go here:

Thanks very much to the New Mexico FASD Resource and Advocacy Center for their research and collaboration on this effort.


FAFASD is an organization for families, loved ones, caregivers, professionals, and individuals impacted by FASD. We live and breathe awareness every minute spent living with FASD.

Most awareness campaigns around FASD focus on prevention. Prevention is important, but living with FASD is an entirely different, and equally important, if not more important to those of us directly impacted by this brain-based disorder.

Parents, loved ones, caregivers, professionals, and individuals with an FASD are welcome to use any of these images in unaltered form.

2015 FASD Awareness Month:


2014 FASD Awareness DAY/Month:

We are joining in the Red Shoes Rock campaign to raise awareness of FASD. Red Shoes Rock is the brainchild of R.J. Formanek, an FASD educator and self-advocate living with FASD. Red Shoes = invisible no more. Red Shoes = pay attention! Red shoes = FASD is PEOPLE.

During the month of September we’ll be posting Red Shoes Rock image. Feel free to use them to spread the word!

red_chucks copy


little red shoes copy


red_tennies_FB header copy




dancing shoes copy


lonely shoes copy


glitter baby shoes copy


rainbow socks copy


red shoes love copy


FASD word cloud copy


Other Awareness Images:

Please scroll down the page for a variety of images designed to help spread awareness about FASD. Use them however you would like, but please link back to this website whenever possible.











Need a way to explain to others exactly what FASD is? Feel free to print out our postcard-sized mini-poster and hand it out. Actual postcards of this poster will be coming soon. Click here for higher quality PDF version.