FASD Fact #3: 99% of people with an FASD are not diagnosed with an FASD


FASD Fact #3
Even though the number of people WITH an FASD is between 1 in 50 and 1 in 20, only 1 in 1000 are diagnosed.
This means that almost 99% of people with FASDs are not correctly diagnosed.

And yes, diagnosis matters. Research tells us it’s a major factor in preventing poor outcomes for people with an FASD. If you’re like to read more about the importance of diagnosis please see our essay on the subject, as well as research below.

People with an FASD =almost 200,000 born/year in US alone

diagnostic/prevalence rates: 1 in 1000, so 2000/year in US.

For more information about prevalence rates and diagnostic rates, please see:

For more information about secondary characteristics (poor outcomes) and preventative factors:

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